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Winter Renovations at Ludlow’s

While some Lake Vermilion resorts remain open year-round, most are seasonal, open each year from the beginning of fishing season through early October. Then comes the scramble to close down and winterize our 23 Lake Vermilion cabins before the freezing temperatures set in. Our last blog post talked all about shutting down the resort for the winter, but what do we do once that’s done? If you’ve been a guest of Ludlow’s, you may have filled out a questionnaire about your stay and your cabin. Your suggestions help us make small improvements, like adding a lamp here [...]

What Happens After the Resort Closes for the Year?

If you’ve ever pulled up our live beach cam in February, you already know our Lake Vermilion waterfront is a very different place in the winter than in the summer. All the plants are removed from the planters, and the hanging baskets are returned to the greenhouse so they can be re-used in the spring. Chairs, tables, and chaise lounges are stacked together and covered with tarps, as are the Hydrobikes and other water toys. If you logged on to the webcam at just the right moment, you might have seen Michael in his wetsuit, diving to the [...]

Early Season Fishing Tips

Fishing opener in Minnesota is a GO, and you’re probably as ready to get out of the house and onto the water as we are! Our resident fisherman, and owner-operator of our resort tackle shop has some advice for early season fishing on Lake Vermilion. “This time of year can be some of the best fishing on the lake! The three fish I would target right away to start the season are walleye, crappie, and northern pike. For walleye, focus on fishing deeper water, 25-40 feet, until the water warms up. Most anglers will use just a jig and regular [...]

COVID-19 Update

Ludlow’s is initiating positive measures to ensure your vacation will be healthy and safe. Our longtime commitment to the guest experience has resulted in a resort environment that exceeds the guidelines currently being requested by health officials in terms of “social distancing.” We have always felt a low-density population at the resort provided a better guest experience, and this is now providing a health benefit, as well. First, our cabins are well spaced (all more than 50 feet apart). Our only central gathering places are the lodge and game room, and both can be optional experiences for our [...]

Top 5 Best Activities You Can Do On Lake Vermilion

Anyone who enjoys boating, fishing, and hiking will love Lake Vermilion in northeastern Minnesota. This freshwater lake is a popular destination for watersports and general outdoor pursuits. #1. Trout Lake Portage This short but popular hiking trail can be used by kayakers to access the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) from Lake Vermilion. The portage cuts through a beautiful section of the Superior National Forest, running roughly parallel to Pine Creek, and also provides access to a scenic waterfall. The portage connects the northern shore of Lake Vermilion to Portage Bay, a southern section [...]

New at Ludlow’s in 2020

It’s winter on Lake Vermilion, and, as always, we’re hard at work on updates to our cabins and the resort grounds. Coffeetime, a favorite five-bedroom cabin on the island, is getting some major renovations over the winter. The kitchen is being expanded to encompass the space that was once the dining room and will include more cabinet and counter space. The living room is being opened up into the screened porch, which will be enclosed with windows and include a second wood-burning fireplace. The additional space will be ideal for larger family getaways and reunions. Coffeetime’s deck is also [...]

Fall Colors

Our 81st season is winding down, but the fall colors are just getting started. For resort staff, autumn is a chance to slow down and really appreciate the spectacular beauty of Lake Vermilion. The intense reds and yellows of northern Minnesota’s maple and birch make it a perfect destination for the fall color chaser. Even the tamaracks, which lose their needles in the winter, turn a vibrant gold among the evergreens. Our north shore cabins have long been known as some of the best for taking in the fall colors, whether from high above the water on Bayside’s deck, [...]

Welcome Autumn

Ludlow’s is excited to introduce our new live-in employee, Autumn, who has joined us just in time for her namesake season. Autumn graduated early from high school and has plans to double major in biology and creative writing. She writes stories and poetry and has had poems published, including the one below which was inspired by her time on Lake Vermilion. In addition to writing, Autumn is a talented photographer and artist. The black and white picture was taken at the Duluth Tall Ships festival and won first place in a national photograph contest. During her free time, she [...]

Labor Day Recipes

Labor Day is just around the corner, so we’ve put together a couple of our favorite picnic and grilling recipes! Our Favorite Burger We’ve tried a lot of burger recipes, but this flavorful twist on a classic recipe is a go-to and always a hit. Whether you’re firing up the Weber, broiling in the oven, or keeping it simple on a countertop grill, you’ll see why we think this juicy, flavor-packed burger is a keeper. Ingredients: 1 ½ lb lean ground beef ½ onion, finely chopped 1 tsp soy sauce 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 egg 1 (1 oz) [...]

Our Amphicar

Rides in our amphibious car are a favorite activity for guests at Ludlow’s Island, but not everyone knows the history of our unique vehicle. The amphicar descended from military amphibious craft; a total of 3,878 amphicars were built in West Germany and shipped to the United States during the 1960s, and they are still the only civilian amphibious passenger automobile to ever have been produced. All amphicars are convertibles and the civilian models were originally offered in only four colors: beach white, regatta red, lagoon blue, and fjord green. Our beach white car received a total restoration in 2017 [...]

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