Night Owl

Mark’s father built Night Owl when he was 19 years old after he’d decided to live in the north country!

Night Owl has been completely refurbished with an upstairs master suite and screened sitting area. We’ve opened up the living room and added new wood flooring.

The cabin has two downstairs bedrooms, and sleeping in the glass enclosed porch with a queen and a twin bed.

You will enjoy dining outside in either the enclosed screen porch or the private deck adjoining it.

Two baths and a new heating and air conditioning unit add to the modern comforts of the original Ludlow’s Island cabin.

Cabin History

Night Owl was built by Hod Ludlow in 1933 when he was 19 years old.

Not only was Night Owl the resort’s first cabin, it is also the first Minnesota cabin to use pine exclusively for the interior.

Night Owl first had gas lights — one still sits on the fireplace mantel. They hung from hooks still visible in the living room ceiling.

The light fixture in the bedroom to the right of the fireplace has a 6-volt light fixture put in to operate from a 6-volt generator Hod Ludlow had in the building behind the cabin, which is now the island laundry.

The generator would charge up a number of glass-celled, 6-volt batteries and then the lights could be operated after the generator was shut down.

You’ll notice the switch next to the ceiling light. It has been rewired and converted to 110 volts.

Floor Plans

Nightowl-First-Level floor plan Nightowl-Second-Level floor plan