There is no better cabin on Ludlow’s Island to take in a Lake Vermilion sunset. Guests can relax on the deck or enjoy an evening in the west-facing screened porch and watch the sky dance red and gold.

With two bedrooms and two baths, as well as a day bed in the living room, Sundown is great for small families.

Cabin History

Sundown was built in 1947 as a summer home for Mark’s grandmother. She actually held title to the western portion of the island with Mark’s parents holding the title to the balance.

Sundown was to be two bedrooms, one for Mark’s grandmother and the second for occasional guests and grandchildren. When Mark was a small boy, he thought a walk to grandmother’s house from his home (now Coffeetime) was a real exciting walk through the woods.

Don’t take our word for it…

“Sundown feels anything but a standard resort cabin. All the interior is wood: the hand-crafted cabinets, the walls, the ceiling. There isn’t a square inch of sheet rock in sight. The living room is dominated by a granite fireplace, surrounded by built-in shelves. Sundown is all that a cabin should be: cozy, warm and comfortable. It feels as though it has been in the family for generations. Each cabin has a distinct personality, yet each defers to the overall mood.” 

-Architecture Minnesota