Twilight is great for large groups! Twilight’s five bedrooms can accommodate up to 10 people.

The cabin sits among towering Norway pines just 10 feet from the water. Twilight’s location on the southwest shore of Ludlow’s Island means you’ll get some of the best views of our famous Lake Vermilion sunsets.

Cabin History

Twilight, constructed in 1954, was the first cabin built with power tools used in construction. All of the cabins built before 1954 used only hand tools. About halfway through the job, Hod Ludlow purchased his first skill saw — up until that time all materials were cut by hand.

Note the living room beams; they are Scissor trusses. They are designed for large snow loads and to provide a cathedral ceiling in the room. All of the doors were hand built by Hod Ludlow.

Twilight has a local cedar wood interior and a tongue-and-groove pine exterior. Today, both types of wood are very high-priced, and tongue-and-groove pine would not be considered for an exterior application.

The original cabin had one bath. Mark and Sally added other baths during numerous updates which also increased the size of the bedrooms.