Tucked away on the mainland, Evergreen is nestled in the pines, perched gently above its own private beach.

Evergreen gets its name from the 150-year-old blue spruce trees that tower over the forest.

The cabin has two bedrooms and two baths, one with a whirlpool tub.

Evergreen has satellite television and a telephone in the cabin, and comes equipped with a private washer and dryer.

Cabin History

Evergreen’s original log structure dates back to 1922 when logs were not fashionable. The builder took each exterior log and hand hewed the sides making them flat to appear like a standard frame home.

Mark’s parents refurbished this cabin and later used it as their winter retirement home to be accessible by car.

In 2016, Evergreen was upgraded with new windows and furniture, as well as renovated bathrooms.

Floor Plans

Evergreen floor plan