Rock ClimbingLudlow’s is excited to introduce our new live-in employee, Autumn, who has joined us just in time for her namesake season. Autumn graduated early from high school and has plans to double major in biology and creative writing. She writes stories and poetry and has had poems published, including the one below which was inspired by her time on Lake Vermilion.
In addition to writing, Autumn is a talented photographer and artist. The black and white picture was taken at the Duluth Tall Ships festival and won first place in a national photograph contest. During her free time, she also enjoys rock climbing. Welcome, Autumn!

Painted Leaves

Out on the Lake

Published in ARC Literary Magazine
Out on the lake,
When the sun’s setting low
I’ll sit down where the cattails grow
Listen to a lone loon’s tune
As I wait for the coming moon
Out on the lake,
That’s shrouded by trees
I’ll watch the shadows that dance on the leaves
Gaze at the water, then look up high
As stars begin to reign the sky
Out on the lake,
I’ll soak in the quiet
Surrounding my cabin
And myself beside it
Out on the lake,
Where all things are free
The deepening night swallows me
Wraps me in its cool embrace
Its breezy hand caressing my face
Out on the lake,
Where a deer lays to rest
An owl stirs inside its nest
The world sleeps on, but we’re awake
All is peaceful on the lake