Lake Vermilion

They don’t call it “the lake of the red sunsets” for nothing.

Lake Vermilion is one of the most scenic lakes in the United States, whether you’re camping on one of its 365 islands or taking a relaxing boat ride along its 1,200 miles of shoreline.

In the 1940s — a few years after Hod Ludlow began renting cabins on Ludlow’s Island — the National Geographic Society declared Lake Vermilion was one of the most scenic lakes in the country. We think you’ll still agree with that.

Serious Fishing

Lake Vermilion has long been known as a quality fishery. With improved management and stocking programs, Lake Vermilion continues to become a premier lake for muskie, walleye, northern pike and bass.

In the last decade, Lake Vermilion has become a renowned muskie fishery. Many 50-inch muskies are caught every year on the lake. Last year, one angler likely caught a state record-class fish, but he released it before officially measuring it.

You’ll also find great crappie fishing, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and plenty of bluegills. Even the youngest kids can get in on the act with our kids fishing tournament held every week on our docks.

Interested in learning more about Lake Vermilion fishing or finding a reputable guide service? Find more on our Lake Vermilion fishing page.