Fishing Lake Vermilion

Fishing Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion, with 40,000 acres of water and 365 islands, is known for its numerous bays and points with great structure. Lake Vermilion is known for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, crappie, panfish and muskies. Join us this year for the Fishing Opener!

We suggest you consider contracting with one of our professional fishing guides if you are new to fishing Lake Vermilion. We can recommend the following guides. Please call them directly for your one-half or full day fishing experience. Don't forget to ask them to prepare a shore lunch!

"We're probably a little spoiled. A 50-inch muskie is huge anywhere you catch it, but around here, no one gets that excited about a 50-inch fish."Bill Rosner, Lake Vermilion Guide

A Well-Managed Fishery

The Minnesota Department of Resources takes a very active role ensuring that Lake Vermilion produces healthy classes each year, especially for walleye, northern pike and muskellunge. In fact, since the year 2000, more than 175 million walleye fry have been stocked in Lake Vermilion.

The DNR has also been very aggressive in developing Lake Vermilion's muskie fishery. As you've likely heard, the work has been paying off! The lake consistently produced 50-inch and above muskies — many caught by Ludlow's Island anglers.

In 2009, word spread around Lake Vermilion of a monster muskie — one that could have been the state record. The fisherman released the behemoth fish, however, to be caught another day.

In addition to the DNR, a dedicated group of citizens has been working to improve Lake Vermilion since 1968: the Sportsman's Club of Lake Vermilion. For nearly three decades, the group has been counting and surveying the lake's loon population. (No small task on 40,000 acres of water.)

The Club also monitors water quality, maintains a number of shore lunch sites around the lake and works to prevent the spread of invasive species, like Eurasian water milfoil and zebra mussels.