Covid-19 Updates

At Ludlow’s, our commitment has always been to provide our guests with a unique and memorable vacation, a focus which has put us in an ideal position to welcome guests during these times.

Throughout our 2020 season, we implemented a variety of heightened sanitation measures, and we’re pleased to report that our guests and staff remained safe and healthy throughout the season. 

As scientific and medical understanding of Covid-19 evolves, our housekeeping and sanitation practices continue to reflect the most up-to-date recommendations of medical experts and health officials. 

The medical and scientific community now recognize that the primary mode of Coronavirus transmission is via respiratory droplets in poorly ventilated indoor air, a fact we are taking seriously as we move into our 2021 season at Ludlow’s Island Resort.

While we will continue the heightened sanitation practices outlined below, we will now ask guests to open all cabin doors and windows before their departure from the resort. Windows will remain open throughout the housekeeping process and through the arrival of incoming cabin guests. We will continue to request that our guests respect strict check-in and check-out times, to provide adequate time for ventilating and filtering cabin air. 

Because the recommendations of health officials continue to evolve as their knowledge of the virus grows, it is likely that updated ventilation and air purification guidelines will be released during the coming months. We will be monitoring this carefully throughout the winter and will finalize our practices in early spring. Our guests can then be confident that these practices are based on the most up-to-date recommendations of the medical and scientific community. 

Social Distancing at Ludlow’s

Ludlow’s welcomes a limited number of guests at a time, by design, so that we can provide a level of service that wouldn’t be possible at a busier resort. Our cabins are well spaced, all at least fifty feet apart on private pathways and separated by native trees and plant life.

Our waterfront seating has been expanded to provide additional space for our guests to relax and sun themselves in chaise chairs while maintaining distance from others.

Ludlow’s Island has always been reserved exclusively for our registered guests. Our property continues to be private, with no public access to the resort.

Arrival at Ludlow’s

As those of you who have been with us know, our check-in process is “hands free,” with no need to visit a front desk. We have modified this experience, with arriving guest cars queueing in the parking lot and unloading at our dock area, one at a time. Luggage is transported to cabins by our guest service staff as usual, and guests are taxied to the island with just their own party. Water taxi surfaces are sanitized with disinfectant before each trip.

Grocery Delivery to Cabins

If you wish, we can deliver groceries to your cabin from our island pantry or Zup’s, our local grocer. Tackle, bait and gift shop items can also be delivered if you prefer not to visit the lodge.

Cabin Meal Delivery

A variety of take-and-bake breakfast and dinner options, as wells as desserts are available for delivery to your cabin. Meals are prepared onsite in our commercial kitchen following all Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for food preparation.

Resort Grounds

The Minnesota Health Department is allowing us to keep our lodge and recreation rooms open, and we’re taking extra steps to sanitize these and other high-traffic areas frequently.


Additional housekeeping measures are being taken, including the use of electrostatic sprayers to apply a viral disinfectant to all hard surfaces. Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to the disinfectant as it passes through the nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, assuring efficient coverage. A separate viral disinfectant, meant specifically for upholstery and fabric, is used on furniture and carpeting. 

All laundry continues to be done onsite, ensuring the cleanliness of bedding and towels. Bleach is used on sheets with hot water and the Health Department-recommended 170º dryer temperature to kill pathogens.

We are asking guests to observe a 5 p.m. check-in time so we may properly clean all cabins and public areas.

Sanitation Stations

Sanitation stations with hand sanitizer, anti-viral spray, and wipes are located throughout the resort, including at the waterfront for sanitizing water toys and chairs, in the lodge and movie and game rooms, and other commonly used guest areas.

Your vacation

We feel our privacy, limited number of guests, and property layout provide a setting where you can relax and enjoy the north woods.  We know you will have the same great experience with our quality service that you have come to expect and deserve.

Mark & Sally Ludlow

Paul & Kelly Ludlow

Lori Peetsch

Michael Andrews

Erin Kennedy