Covid-19 Updates

Ludlow’s is initiating positive measures to ensure your vacation will be healthy and
safe. Our longtime commitment to the guest experience has resulted in a resort
environment that exceeds the guidelines currently being requested by health
officials in terms of “social distancing.” We have always felt a low-density population
at the resort provided a better guest experience, and this is now providing a health
benefit, as well. First, our cabins are well spaced (all more than 50 feet apart). Our
only central gathering places are the lodge and game room, and both can be optional
experiences for our guests. Our well spaced cabins are located on private pathways,
so you need not interact with other people if you do not wish to do so.

Ludlow’s Island has always been open to only our registered guests. Our property
continues to be private, with no public access to the resort.

During our 2020 season, we will initiate some additional measures to keep you safe.
As those of you who have been with us know, our check-in process is “hands-free,”
with no need to visit a front desk. If this pandemic continues, we will modify the
experience even more. Arriving guest cars will queue in the parking lot, with one
group of guests unloading in our dock area at a time. Luggage will be transported to
cabins as usual, and guests will be transported to the island with just their own
party. Water taxi surfaces will be sanitized with disinfectant between each trip.

Additional housekeeping precautions will be taken, including the use of a high-grade
viral disinfectant solution. All laundry will continue to be done onsite, ensuring the
cleanliness of bedding and towels. We will be using hot water and bleach in the
wash cycles and high-temperature drying. We will be asking guests to observe a 5
p.m. check-in time so that we can properly clean all cabins and public areas.

On the waterfront we will provide disinfectant for you to use on all of our water toys
(hydrobikes, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, etc.) before use. We will also provide
the same for waterfront chaise chairs, which will be spread at 6-feet distances.

Many of our staff live on property and come in contact only with our guests. All staff
will all be instructed on additional hygiene measures to maintain a sanitary
environment. Any staff with flu-like symptoms will be instructed to follow current
CDC recommendations for isolation.

Our private location, low guest density, and well spaced cabins will continue to
provide our guests with the great vacation experience they have always enjoyed at

Attached is an article summarizing a just-completed study on the locations where
the Coronavirus survives best. As you will note, it does not survive well below 5 ºC
(41F) or above 11ºC (52F). This means it does not do well in northern Minnesota.
Although the article is difficult reading, it is the best analysis I have seen on the
spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Hopefully, all of this will be behind us by May when we open. In the meantime, our
prayers are with you and your loved ones for safe and healthy days ahead.

Mark and Sally Ludlow
Paul and Kelly Ludlow
Lori Peetsch
Michael Andrews
Erin Kennedy
And the rest of the crew at Ludlow’s