Birches & Norway

Birches cabin is located on the water with big window views. It will consist of a main cabin with two bedrooms and two baths. A guest house with a bedroom and bathroom. A bunk house and sauna.

With new windows the cabin now has 20 feet of glass, great views of the lake in every direction.

Norway, a two-bedroom and one-bath cabin on our north shore. Norway has a private dock and a boathouse newly renovated to include a Sunset View room.

Combined, the two cabins is big enough for larger families with six bedrooms and three baths.

Cabin History

In the summer of 2014, Ludlow’s Resort acquired a cluster of cabins located on the north shore of the resort property.

Dwight Ludlow’s family had summered at the cabins for the past 70 years. In an effort to keep the cabins in the family for future generations, they have become part of the Ludlow’s Island Resort family of cottages.

The buildings on the property have been updated, but kept in their classic form.

Floor Plans

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